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                    Water Drops - Image Composer                    
  This is a tutorial based on what I learned from the bubbles tutorial on Dominique Clément's site.  
  The drops were made by making two white circles.
One at 33 pixels and one at 36 pixels.
  Fill the larger circle with black.  
  Center the 2 circles and with the white circle highlighted, snip the white circle out.  
  You should have this now.  
  Blur the black ring twice at vertical 2 and horizontal 2.  
  Type something on a white rectangle.
The font used is 12 point Arial Regular. 
  Move the white circle onto the text.  
  Select both the circle and the rectangle. Be sure the dark handles are on the  rectangle. Apply Texture Transfer, Transfer Shape.  
  Select the circle. Apply the bulge (out) effect, one time.  
  You should be looking at something like this.  
  Center the blurred circle over the bulged circle.
Select both, so the outside handles are dark.
  Click once on Texture Transfer, Transfer Shape.
Remove the blurred circle.
  Copy the circle, fill with black and blur twice.  
  Move the blurred, black circle behind the bulged circle.