Tutorial ImageDraw  







                    Metal Sphere - PhotoDraw                    
  Open up PhotoDraw and follow along to make a metallic looking ball. 
Right click on the background. Select "Picture Setup".
Change the Width and Height to 200 pixels.
Click on Apply.
Click on OK.
  Start by making a 150 pixel circle filled with blue.
This color is R 8, G 0, B 191.
  Click on Draw > Paint > Paint Tools > Airbrush 2.
Move the slider up to 150.
Change the color to white.
Click ONE time in the middle of your work area.
Click on Finish.
Copy, paste, select both, align center, align middle and group.
  Copy, paste and fill with the same blue as above.    
  Paste a second copy of the white, blurred circle.
Stretch this copy to a size of 290 x 290 pixels.
  Now its time to move the shapes to their coordinates.
Move the blue circle to: 26, 19.
Move copies of the large, white, blurred circle to: (-19, -27) and (-14, -23).
Move a copy of the small, white, blurred circle to: (34, 20).
Move copies of the blue, blurred circle to: (15, 1) and ( 5, -9). Move 2 copies of the small, white, blurred circle to: (-22, -31). Move copies of the small white, blurred circle to: (-15, -27), (-26, -15) and (-13, -32).
  Select all of the images and click on Arrange > Group.
Click on Crop Size > Cutout > By Shape.
Be sure that the options are both unchecked.
Click on Circle.
Hold down the Shift key while dragging a 150 pixel circle. Position over the blue circle. Click Finish.