Tutorial ImageDraw  







                    Metal Sphere - Image Composer                    
  Open up Image Composer and follow along to make a metallic looking ball.    
  Start by making two 168 pixel circles.
Fill with white.
Fill one with blue (R 0, G 0, B 218).
  Overlap the two circles so that the blue one is 15 pixels to the left and 15 pixels higher than the white circle.
Select both so the solid handles are on the blue circle. (press the TAB key if needed)
  Click on Texture Transfer > Snip > Apply.
Select the white crescent and drag to resize it to 128 x 128 pixels. Click on Effects > Blur > Details.
Set the Horizontal and Vertical to 7.
Apply blur four times.
  Make a 65 pixel, white circle.
Apply the same blur settings four times.
Drag the blurred circle to resize it to 163 x 163 pixels.
  Copy and paste one copy of the blurred circle.
Stretch the copy to 231 x 231.
Click on Effects > Transparency > Details.
Set the slider to 50 and click on Apply.
Copy and paste three copies.
  Move the blue circle to coordinate X 100 Y 50
Move the 163 pixel circle to:  X 85 Y 33
Move the 4 231 pixel circles to:
X 82 Y -6, X 50 Y 30, X 44 Y 5, X 59 Y -4
Move the crescent to:  X 100 Y 48
  Move the blue circle away by selecting it (press the TAB key if needed). Then hold down the control key and press the up arrow key about 6 times.
Select all of the white shapes and flatten.
  Move the blue circle back to coordinate X 100 Y 50.
Select both the blue circle and the blurred sprite.
Be sure the solid handles are on the blurred sprite.
Click on Texture > Transfer Shape > Apply.
  After moving the blurred sprite away, your image should like similar to this one.