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                    Ribbon - Image Composer                    
  Making a ribbon or wavy line in IC takes a circle and some patience. What seems like a long, drawn out process is actually very simple.  
  Start with a 70 pixel circle.  
  Copy and paste to make 3 circles.  
  Overlap by 20 pixels.
Select all, Arrange, Flatten.
  Copy, Paste, Color Fill with any other color.  
  Overlap by 10 pixels.  
  Select both sprites. Be sure that the lower sprite has the dark handles.  
  Apply Texture Transfer, Snip.
Remove lower sprite.
  Crop from each side to the lowest point of the center arch.  
  Crop to one half the width.  
  Apply Effects, Gradient.
With the left color set to:
R 224, G 126, B 151
and the right color set to:
R 169, G 0, B 0
  Copy, paste and flip horizontal.  
  Move to touch.
Select both sprites, Arrange, Flatten Selection.
  Copy, paste and rotate 180.   
  Move to touch.  
  Repeat to desired length.