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                Metal Text - PhotoDraw                
  So, how DO you get a "metallic" look for text?    
  Start with a good sized text.
This is Copperplate Gothic Bold at 48 points.
  Draw an irregular shape with the curve tool.
Blur to -30. No edge. Fill with white.
  Copy and paste 2 copies.
Fill one with R190, G176, B122.
Fill one with R204, G193, B149.
Stretch both to a height of 35.
  Line up the 3 shapes with the white one in front.
Group the shapes.
  Select the text.
Click on Fill. Click on Picture.
Click on Replace Fill. Click on the grouped images.
  To add a shadow.
Copy the text. Fill with black. Blur to -40.
Move to the back. Move down and right a little.
  Try this effect with different colors for variety.