Tutorial ImageDraw  
  Interface 1 - Making Roll-over Buttons - Real-DRAW  
        Well, roll up your sleeves! We've got work to do here.! Start by making a 100 x 50 pixel rectangle. The colors that I used are R197 G139 B16.        
        Make a 100 x 40 rounded rectangle. Fill it with black.        
        Add a flat bevel. (default settings)        
        Add 2 colored lights. Put one outside the top, left corner. Put the other outside the bottom, right corner.
One is R244 G159 B0 the other is R151 G183 B0.
        Copy and paste. Move the light direction in the bevel menu to 315.
(Tip: Right click on the light direction ball and type in the number.)
        Make some black text. Copy and paste the text.
Select both and make a package.
Make some yellow text. Copy and paste the text.
Select both and make a package. Center both packages.
Move the yellow package up 2 pixels and left 2 pixels.
Select both packages and make a new package.
Center on the first button.
        Copy and paste the package. Center it on the second button.        
        Select the packaged text, the first button and the background rectangle.
Copy and paste into a new rdw document. Click on "Project".
Click on "Trim Canvas". Export the image as "home1.jpg".
Repeat the above with the second set. Export as "home2.jpg"
        Phew! After all of that hard work you need a reward.
Apply a roll-over effect with your favorite, magic roll-over tool.
Move your mouse over the button to see the effect.
        Now relax for a little while. Take a break. When you feel like it, make a few more button sets. You may need some saved as gallery, tutorials, links or mail.