Tutorial ImageDraw  







                    Glass Ball - Image Composer                    
  This ball was made using the following steps:    
  Make a 92 pixel circle. Make several copies.    
  Fill one with desired color. 
This is Red 153, Green 74, Blue 0. 
  Apply Square gradient fill to another circle.
The bottom right should be set to black, the other 3 to white.
  Select these two circles and center.
Apply Texture Transfer > Map Transparency.
This may take a couple of tries. 
It always does for me! :-)
Make two copies.
  Offset one transparent circle over the yellow circle. The top one is offset 9 pixels to the left and 9 pixels up from the yellow.    
  Offset the other two transparent circles. Each is one pixel left and one pixel up from the other.    
  Offset two 92 pixel circles, move one 7 pixels left and 7 pixels up from the other. 
Select both. Apply Texture Transfer > Snip.
Fill with desired color.
  Apply Blur set to Horizontal 3 and Vertical 3.
Resize by dragging to 82 wide and 84 high. 
Copy and paste.
  Rotate one crescent 50 degrees, the other to -50 degrees.
Place on top of the other sprites.
Not very pretty, is it?
  Fill another circle with black.    
  Make an 82 pixel circle.
Center with another copy of a 92 pixel, black circle.
Apply Texture Transfer > Snip to make a black ring.
Apply Blur set to Horizontal 3 and Vertical 3.
  Place the blurred ring on top of the other sprites.
This would be a good time to select all, copy, paste and flatten.
Blur once at 1 Horizontal and 1 Vertical.
  Place another 92 pixel circle on top of the flattened sprite. Line it up where you like it.    
  Select both sprites.
Make sure the dark handles are on the larger sprite.
Apply Texture Transfer > Transfer Shape.
  Add some highlights. (Little, blurred, white circles)    
  Blur a black circle and place it behind the sprites.